A family-owned and operated business for over 50 years, Premier Meat Company is dedicated to integrity in every facet of production. Our community includes a network of family farms, craftspeople and protein experts that are committed to providing wholesome, healthy products.

We want our proteins to be the standard for excellence in everyday households. You don’t have to look all over town for meat that is as high quality as our products. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your house! Our proteins are delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the USA!

Why is Fresh Cut Meat the healthiest choice?
If you’re like most shoppers, you know that fresh meat is better than frozen and free range is better than industrial farming It’s a simple matter of science. When you freeze meats, ice crystals form, tearing apart cell walls ,this is especially true during slow freezing.

Important to remember:
*Most grocers freeze meat, robbing it of flavor, texture and juices
*Freezing harms meat flavor by altering protein’s tissue structure
*Freezing changes protein texture because ice crystals tear apart cell walls
*Frozen meat can become burned so you have to keep an eye on them.
*Thawing makes juices seep out because ice crystals rupture cell walls. Plus, defrosting frozen meats takes time, energy and know-how.

And there’s no way you can tell how old meat is when you buy it at your local market! This is how Meat the Butchers is different.

We offer Always fresh, never frozen proteins delivered straight to your door anywhere in the US, Free shipping Code that could be applied on Any Order over $100. We Also Offer a code allowing a 20% off your entire cart feature as well as special bundles with free gifts and discounts. So The next time you want to eat like a king and serve your loved ones “Worry Free” proteins, choose from our wide selection of Prime Beef, All Natural Pork & Lamb Cuts to wild caught Seafood, We have It all and most important, Nothing to rob your meats of their flavor, nutrients or texture.
” No one forgets the best meal they ever had”